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Mystery Box Staking

Purchasing a GamiFi Mystery Box and owning a GamiFi NFT character will allow you to participate in exclusive staking pools.

You don't own any NFTs

Buy a Mystery Box to earn an NFT.

Buy a Mystery Box

How it works

How staking works

  • The staking period is 9 months.
  • How much you can stake depends on how many NFTs you own.
  • 200,000 GMI can be staked for every GamiFi NFT you own.
  • You can claim your rewards at any point.

How unstaking works

  • When unstaking you will not receive rewards or stake for 24 hours.
  • Unstaking also claims your rewards.

Un-tradeable while staking

  • You cannot trade the GamiFi NFTs during its staking period. You can trade if you dont stake, or after the staking period has ended.
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